PENCIL CASE Material: 100% recycled cotton Weight: gr 150 Size: cm 26 x 17 PERPETUA PENCIL – Produced in an innovative material of which 80% is taken from recycled graphite – Entirely made in Italy – Design: Marta Giardini Studio, mention of honour at the Golden Compass awards, 2016 – It can write 1,120 km, meaning 22 times longer than a traditional pencil – The design is unique and unmistakeable; it has a single flat side, all the rest being round – It can be sharpened, but it writes even without a sharp tip or when broken in two – Its eraser is always ready, attached without the use of glue – If it falls, it will not break – No paint or wood Perpetua can even write on tablets and smartphones: As well as being an excellent conductor of heat and sound, graphite is also an excellent conductor of electricity. And it is thanks to this characteristic that the graphite in Perpetua manages to interact with tablets and smartphones. How to use it: By removing Perpetua’s eraser, the tip may be transformed into a capacitive stylus. This is possible thanks to the electrical conduction properties of the graphite with which it is made. The eraser may still be used once detached.

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Case set in recycled material, innovative, ecological with unique design, pencil and pen.

Weight 65 kg

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